Sunday, September 14, 2003

RugLore by Sam: "RugLore by Sam
An information resource for all with a love for rugs.
Sam Gordon was a friend of mine. Sam tended to come across as brash and abrasive. It was just his way. He really had a gentle and kind heart. He passed away recently and we are poorer for his loss. Sam and I had talked about doing a book together but we ran out of time. He really had some wonderful rugs.
JBOC Notes on Oriental Rugs

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Here are the numbers for Turkotek's 81% decline. First East Coast cold spell and the numbers will bounce back. That is when the rugs start selling.

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Interesting numbers, www.Spongobongo.com is the highest rated non-commercial site devoted to Oriental rugs. I always knew readership drops in the Summer but Alexa shows a drop of 35%. Not nearly as bad as Turkotek where they show an 81% Summer drop off.