Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Persian Rugs - Information on Persian rugs and carpets: "Information on Persian rugs and carpets on www
JOZAN MAGAZINE: Jozan Magazine includes a large educational rug photo gallery with several hundreds photos of Persian rugs. Visit Educational Persian Gallery.

ORIENTAL RUG NOTES: Barry O'Connell's Oriental Rug Notes includes several rug guides on Persian rugs. Visit Guide to the Persian Carpet.

OLDCARPET.COM: Afshin Nejads web site Oldcarpet has a section Carpets by Zone including description of different Persian rug types.
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Our Tribe: Ethnographic Jewelry and Textiles: "Artists are an important part of the world heritage and there are no boundaries in art. I am intrigued by creative improvisation which results in an immense variety of expression, while still devoted to an identifying framework of sophisticated artistic tradition. The context rises primarily 'where Islam meets the tribe...' throughout North Africa, the Mediterranean, the West African Savanna, the Middle East, Western Asia and Central Asia. What qualities drive this collection? Superb craftsmanship... outstanding style... REAL jewelry, with deep meaning... natural materials, an earthy appeal... and especially: bold and joyful statements, rich color, luxurious layering and texture. I prefer the character of an authentic antique, although newer items can be found which have much merit. A well conceived design is king; it can be enriched by a masterful flair in it's execution, a material fineness, or personal interpretation. We are all connected! The jewelry and textiles i handle speak for themselves: of toil, hopes and dreams, lasting traditions, superstition, and romance... a whole life, or several generations. -- Ruby J. Becker, 'Collector, Dealer and Scholar' BFA summa cum laude. "