Sunday, May 30, 2004

Holland, Michigan

AKMA's Random Thoughts:
I spotted this blog entry from a ultra-liberal Professor. It made me remeber my time in Holland and how much I enjoyed it. JBOC

" The sensation of fullness for the whole day. . . .
May 29, 2004
Greetings From Holland
Not the Netherlands, but Holland, Michigan, where I've skulked off to a wifi cafe (appropriately named Buzz Cafe), ostensibly to check on Josiah's tournament scores, but also to check email and to watch for comment pollution. Unfortunately, Si's tournament seems not to have followed through on their live scoring page.
We're in Holland to celebrate Pentecost and our goddaughter's birthday. It's a nice little Michigan town, and Buzz (the most interesting point in town, as far as I'm concerned) has a great signal, a large-screen TV showing a baseball game, and good coffee (our friends are tea drinkers)."