Friday, May 28, 2004

Seth's Blog - landing page

Seth's Blog:

For those of us with a website this is a good concept. How does our site look when someone visits. JBOC

"In 1995, I didn't believe in the Web. Didn't think it would beat the paid online services. Beginning in 1996, I started to come around.
Soon thereafter, I invented the term 'landing page' to describe the page you went to after clicking on a banner or a link (give me long enough and I'll take credit for inventing HTML too!). Anyway, at Yoyodyne my peers and I spent years pitching people on how to improve their landing pages. I still believe it is the single biggest flaw in web design.
Back then, we sketched out a device called the Yoyodyne Engine for Sales. The idea was an automated system that would test landing pages on the fly.
Today, I heard about Offermatica - Landing Page Optimization. I have no idea if it does what it appears to, but if it does, hooray. It only took seven years."