Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Sleep of Rustam

La Miniature En Orient Plate 42: The Sleep of Rustam: "While Kuhnel did not attribute this painting to an artist it is now widely viewed as the work of Sultan Muhammad. Stuart Cary Welch suggested that this miniature was originally intended for the book we know as the Shah-Nama of Shah Tahmasp.1. Sheila Canby takes that one step further by suggesting that Tahmasp steeped in the artistic tradition of Herat rejected this piece on stylistic grounds. 2. One point that both Welch and Canby is the date, circa 1515 - 1522.
This represents the pinnacle of the Tabriz Miniature tradition prior to the arrival of Tahmasp and Bihzad from Herat. Compared to Bihzad Sultan Mohammed could be rather clumsy and crude but the colors and the vitality make this a treasure but one that did not fit the Herat esthetic. "