Thursday, July 22, 2004

1991 - Biographies of ten presidential hopefuls of Iran

Biographies of ten presidential hopefuls of Iran: "Payvand's Iran News ...

Biographies of ten presidential hopefuls of Iran

Tehran, May 17, IRNA -- The Guardians Council (GC) annouced the names of ten out of 814 candidates as the eligible hopefuls for competing on June 8 Presidential Elections.
In alphabetical order the hopefuls' biographies are as follows:

1. Fallahian, Ali
Date of birth : 1949
Place of birth: Najafabad, Isfahan Province
Theolgical degree: graduate of Qom's Haqqani School of Theology
Previous occupations: top judge of Abadan, Khouzestan Province; head of Housing Foundation of Abadan; commander of the Revolutionary Committee of Khouzestan war-stricken region during the war with Iraq; top judge of Khorassan Province; commander in chief of the Committees of Islamic Revolution; deputy Revolutionary Courts prosecutor general; Special Clerics Court's preosecutor general; deputy intelligence minister; intelligence minster during ex-president Hashemi's tenure; President of Imam Baqer (AS) University; Leadership Experts Assembly MP from Khuzesatn Province.

2. Ghafourifard, Hassan
Date of birth : 1943
Place of birth: Tehran
Previous occupations: Founder of PhD Faculty for electronics engineering at Amir Kabir Technical University; founder and head of PhD Faculty for nuclear technology at Amir Kabir University; Head of the College of Architecture, affiliated to the University of Amir Kabir; governor general of Khorassan Province; MP from Mashhad Constituancy; power minister; head of the National Olympics Committee; research deputy of ex-president Rafsanjani; MP from Tehran Constituency and meber of the 5th parliament's presiding board; head of the auditing team and special inspector of the High Council for Cultural Revolution; head of the Association of Electrical Engineers; founder and Secretary General of the Islamic Association of Iranian Engineers and the Islamic Associaltion of University Professors.

3. Hashemitaba, Seyed Mostafa
Date of birth : 1956
Place of Birth: Tehran
University degrees: MA in textile engineering from Amir Kabir University; system analysis degree for Industrial Management Organization
Previous occupations: production manager at IRIB, minister of industries, head of the board of directors of Industrial Development Organization, member of the board of directors of the Bank of Mines and Industries, head of the National Olympics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran, deputy prime minister and head of the headquarters for execution of the infrastructure revolutionary projects, head of the Exports Promotion Center, deputy presidnt and head of the Physical Training Organization, member of the national Olympic Committee

4. Jasbi, Abdollah
Date of birth : 1944
Place of birth: Tehran
University degree: production and technology manger from Stone University, England
Previous occupations: deputy Secretary General of the closed Islamic Republic of Iran Political Party, deputy executive affairs Secretary General of the siad party, deputy prime minister (Rajaie) in projects and programming affairs, deputy prime minister and secretary general of the country's employment organization (in Martyr Bahonar and Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani's cabinets), deputy prime minister in work force rehabilitation projects (in Mir Hossein Mousavi's cabinet), head of a commission at the Headquarters for Cultural Revolution, president of the Islamic Open University, member of the High Council for Cultural Revolution,

Cultural works: a number of books and a few scientific articles, published in Perian and English languages

5. Kashani, Seyed Mahmoud
Date of birth : 1942
Place of birth: Tehran
Father's name: late grand Ayatollah Seyed Abolghasem Kashani
University degree: PhD in Law
Thological studies: highest degree in jurisprudence
Previous occupations: Associate professor at Martyr Beheshti University, lawyer, member of the presiding board of Iranian Bar Associations, head of the Iranian judiciary delegation dispatched to the International Hague Court of Justice in Iran's case with USA, presidential candidate during the 4th elections

6. Khatami, Seyed Mohammad
Date of birth : 1943
Place of birth: Ardakan, Yazd Province
University degrees: BA in philosophy from University of Isfahan, MA in education from University of Tehran,
Theological studies: priliminary level graduate and intermediate level to some extent
Previous occupations: head of Hamburg's Islamic Center in Germany, MP from Ardakan and Meybod Canstituancy at the first parliament, caretaker of Kayhan newspaper, minister of culture and Islamic Guidance (at Mir Hossein Mousavi and Hashemi Rafsanjani's cabinets), head of cultural affairs with armed forces headquarters and head of the propagations headquarters during the imposed war, advisor to president and head of the National Library of Iran, member of the High Council for Cultural Revolution, fifth president of the Islamic Republic of Iran

7. Razavi, Seyed Mansour
Date of birth : 1952
Place of birth: Isfahan
University degree: Phd in civil engineering
Previous occupations: minister (in Mir Hossein Mousavi and Hashemi Rafsanjani's cabinets), head of the Adminstrative and Employment Organization, member of the faculty of sciences at university of Tehran, member of the Tehran City Council

8. Sadr, Seyed Shahabeddin
Date of birth: 1962
Place of borth: Tehran
Father's name: Ayatollah Seyed Abdollah Sadr
University degree: medical doctor; medical physiologist, from University of Tehran
Previous occupations: professor at University of Tehran, MP from Tehran Constiuancy at the 4th and 5th parliaments, head and deputy head of the Medical and Sanitary Affairs Committee of the parliament, member of the High Council for Cultural Revolution, head of the medical doctors delegation dispatched to the hajj pilgrimage for eight consecutive years, cultural deputy health minister, head of the country's Administrative Medical Organization, current head of the Tehran' Administrative Medical Organization
Cultural works: a few books and over 20 scientific articles

9. Samkhani, Ali
Date of birth: 1955
Place of birth: Ahvaz
Previous occupations: commander of the IRGC of Ahvaz Province, commander of Khouzestan IRGC and the Eighth District forces, deputy commander of the IRGC forces, commander of the IRGC's land forces, caretaker of military aspects of the UN Resolution 598 (Iran-Iraq war ceasefire agreement), commander of the Iranian Navy, commander of the IRGC Navy, commander of the Khatamolanbia naval headquarters, minister of defense

10. Tavakkoli, Ahmad
Date of birth: 1951
Place of birth: Behshahr, Mazandaran Province
University degree: PhD in ecconomy from Notingham University, England
Previous occupations: MP from Behshahr Constituency at the first parliamnet, labor minister and speaker (of Mir Hossein Mousavi's cabinet), licence holder and managing editor of `Iran Farda' daily
Cultural works: a few books on economy."