Friday, July 23, 2004

Attacking Khomiene in Tehran

User talk:JBOC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Hello Gentlemen I see you uncensored your changes to this page but Refdoc and to a lesser extent Roozbeh have had a good time removing my contributions from other pages. As to Roozbeh's questions I did make a mistake on Bahonar but you trimmed in many places not just that,. It really does not matter what I write is not that important. However what you write is important, You are an Admin in this encyclopedia and you are unfair, biased and hateful towards Iran. Take for instance your revisions on the Imam Khomeine: http://en.Wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Ruhollah_Khomeini&dive=2354186&oldie=2278594 I cannot find one, not one shred of fairness or decency. I am a Christian and I have some deep theological differences with the teachings of the Imam Khomeine (PBUH). Should I lie about him or try to exaggerate about him? May God forbid this thing? The truth is enough! When you write about Iran you do not need to shade the meaning. In the Khomeine example you changed "Islamic dress code" to "strict dress code". Obviously because strict has a negative connotation while Islamic is more neutral in the context of dress codes. Later you take "punishments" and make it "very strict punishments" again you compound a negative with a reinforced negative. You follow this reinforced compounded negative with, "In the immediate aftermath of the revolution there were widespread allegations of systematic human rights abuses, including torture."

I can see in Wikipedia that Admins will not allow Paul Wolfowitz to be called a "neoconservative" because it might give a negative impression but you as an Admin are free to attack the memory of the Imam Khomeine (PBUH). I will be in Tehran in August and I will be glad to explain to you what I mean in more depth over a cup of coffee or tea. I did not look for your worst attack on Iran I just picked one at random and your own words indict you. I certainly do not expect that you would replace my links so I will stand by my fair and balanced posts about you as an Admin. Roozbeh mMy comment about where you live was sarcasm. You sound more like Langley then Tehran to my ears. JBOC