Wednesday, July 21, 2004

GQ : Powell at the root cause of 911


The crass appeasement of the Red Chinese after the downing of our spy plane sent a signal to our enemies that we would not respond to force. This gave the green light for the terrorist attacks on September 11th. JBOC

"Sure enough, from the early days of the Bush term, Powell cut a wide swath. When an American spy plane went down in China just two months into his tenure, when the air crew was taken into custody and the neocons at the Pentagon went ballistic, acting as if it were proof positive that China was the next Soviet Union, it was Powell who worked the phones night and day, negotiating, soothing, nudging, assuring the Chinese that although the United States would not formally apologize for the spies or the plane, he was willing to use the word sorry in a formal statement, and when that wasn't good enough, offered the words very sorry, which, almost unbelievably, worked, becoming the key to the lock that opened the door and brought the prisoners home eleven days after the crash. "