Friday, September 24, 2004

English Radio: Impeaching Tony Blair in Parliament is quite plausible

English Radio: "Impeaching Blair in British Parliament Heightened

A group of British lawmakers believe impeaching British Prime Minister, Tony Blair in Parliament is quite plausible. Impeaching British Prime Minister as demanded by a group of representatives of the House of Commons due to Blair’s misleading the parliament concerning the Iraq war is a complicated matter and that is why the House of Commons has only once enforced the law since 156 years ago. IRNA quoted a group of lawmakers membering the Martix Chamber Corporation from London as saying they released the outcome of their research on Thursday, emphasizing that the British Parliament through referring to such reasons as Blair’s claims concerning the existence of alleged weapons of mass destruction as well as Balir’s covert collaboration with US President, George W Bush to wage war on Iraq without informing Parliament members and also cabinet members has the right to impeach him. Just a few months prior to the war on Iraq, Blair had released a report entitled ‘Saddam’s Dossier’ claiming that not only does Iraq possess WMDs but it is also capable of using them in only 45 minutes."