Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Peter Flory American Hero

Notes on Peter Cyril Wyche Flory: "Notes on Peter Cyril Wyche Flory
Assessment: The PF model indicates that Flory is more of a realist then a Neocon. That his primary loyalty is to the United States. That he is brilliant, loyal and very hardworking. Flory should be encouraged as he appears to be the best of what we look for in a public servant. The odds of Flory being involved in the AIPAC/Franklin Spy ring is astronomically against his involvement.

As we study Peter Flory it becomes very obvious that he is an exceptional American. It is tempting to judge him by the characters he works with. His is dedicated, hard working and brilliant but more importantly he is a real American. Do not discount him because of his association with Doug Feith, Bill Luti, Peter Rodman, or Paul Wolfowitz"