Friday, October 01, 2004

Security Clearance Scandal: "How many times did Michael Maloof lose his security clearance?

Security Clearance Scandal Engulfs Bush Administration: "How many times did Michael Maloof lose his security clearance?
Let us count: Once for forgetting to tell the Pentagon that he married a Foreign National. Maloof is said to have gotten it back by the intersession of a Senior Pentagon Civilian. I am betting Wolfowitz or Feith.
Maloof is said to have lost it a second time in 2003 for 'Rogue Operations' and deemphasizing Al Qaeda and following the Likud line on Iraq. Apparently there was intercession again because he was back in the OSP after that.
Did Wolfowitz pull strings to get Michael Maloof back on the team a third time. As of the 5th of November 2004 Maloof was still on the Pentagon payroll. The DoD should come clean about the Maloof clearances. What were the 'Rogue Operations' that got Michael Maloof in trouble? Was it sabotaging the el Hage/Iraqi peace initiative with Mossad point man Richard Perle. Was it related to the meetings involving a man the CIA is reputed to consider an Israeli Agent of Influence Michael Ledeen and Savak/Mossad mischief maker Manucher Ghorbanifar? "