Wednesday, June 02, 2004

La Miniature En Orient Plate 62 Portrait of the Prince

La Miniature En Orient Plate 62 Portrait of the Prince: "Detached miniature formerly in the Goloubew collection. By the clothing we can date this to the reign of Shah Tahmasp but it is a bit of a stretch to conclude as Martin did that this is a portrait of the sovereign. In the upper right hand corner is the seal of a former owner. The marginal painting is old but of a different provenance,
Translator's Note:
I have to side with Martin in this case. I believe that this is a portrait of Shah Tahmasp. Aqa Mirak was the close confidant of Tahmasp Safavi and appears to have done a number of portraits of the Shah. Frankly I always suspected that they were lovers but proving that is another matter. Nonetheless I think this piece is best attributed to to Aqa Mirak. "

The Sleep of Rustam

La Miniature En Orient Plate 42: The Sleep of Rustam: "While Kuhnel did not attribute this painting to an artist it is now widely viewed as the work of Sultan Muhammad. Stuart Cary Welch suggested that this miniature was originally intended for the book we know as the Shah-Nama of Shah Tahmasp.1. Sheila Canby takes that one step further by suggesting that Tahmasp steeped in the artistic tradition of Herat rejected this piece on stylistic grounds. 2. One point that both Welch and Canby is the date, circa 1515 - 1522.
This represents the pinnacle of the Tabriz Miniature tradition prior to the arrival of Tahmasp and Bihzad from Herat. Compared to Bihzad Sultan Mohammed could be rather clumsy and crude but the colors and the vitality make this a treasure but one that did not fit the Herat esthetic. "

Meet me at the 13th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition Aug 23-29 in Tehran

13th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition 23-29 Aug 2004 in Tehran International Fair Ground: "13Th Tehran Carpet Grand Exhibition will focus on the export and foreign sales aspects of Iranian carpet. The experience gained from the past tewelve exhibitions helped Iranian rug producers and exporters. You can see the finest and most beautiful carpets from different regions of Iran .

Iran Carpet Co.and Persian Carpet exporters Association are organizer of this events. The event's brochure distributed in Domotex & Atlanta International Area Rug Market .

This unique events will provide a suitable opportunity for producers, exporters and buyers to exchange ideas.

The exhibition will bring those involved in the carpet field closer together. This will contribute to better understanding and supply of carpets that meet the consumers needs and preferences.
The quality rather than the quantity of carpets displayed in this fair will be the main focus of attention .The organizers will do their best to provide necessary facilities and services such as:
Entry visa
Reservation of Hotel Accommodation
etc for all the visitors. All lovers of handmade carpets are invited to visit 13TH Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition (Tehran) and feel the splendor of the Iranian carpets first hand in the origin .

For more details and assistance , please contact:

E-mail: yazdi@irancarpet.ir
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Yahoo! News - Japanese Schoolgirl Stabbing - Is Blogging to Blame?

Yahoo! News - Stunned Japan Agonizes Over Schoolgirl Stabbing: "There was no obvious motive for the attack, but Japanese media said the 11-year-old told police that she had been upset at Satomi for posting a message about her on a Web site and that she had intended to kill Satomi over it. "

Joi Ito's Web: Comment by my Brother Jim

Joi Ito's Web: Email from artist suspected by FBI of bioterrorism:

"It's unfortunate yet understandable that this happened. Police were called to a house with a dead woman and find lab equipment and chemicals that they do not understand and, fearing the worst, err on the side of extreme caution, thinking, perhaps that they've stumbled upon a terrorist cell in the middle of brewing up a new biotoxin. The first response people acted appropriately, in my opinion.
Rereading that, it sounds as though I don't support Mr. Kurtz -- that's not the case. The FBI has access to people qualified to pronounce Mr. Kurtz's equipment harmless. Hopefully, the tragic loss of his wife will be conclusively shown not to have been caused by his work and her death will not come into play.
As for the computers and lab equipment, I'd write them off and replace them -- the FBI is notorious for returning seized computers only when they've become so obsolete as to be unusable. His writings, on the other hand, as well as his teaching materials, should be returned immediately. "