Thursday, June 24, 2004

Oriental Rug Society: ICOC DOWN UNDER

Oriental Rug Society: ICOC DOWN UNDER: "ICOC Down Under 2004
A regional International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC), organised by the Oriental Rug Society of New South Wales (ORS) in collaboration with the Powerhouse Museum, will be held in Sydney, Australia, from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19, September, 2004, at the Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Sydney.
The conference, featuring both international and Australian speakers, will focus on the rugs, textiles and trappings of Central and Western Asia, and will include a range of great talks on closely related topics such as Turkmen jewellery and archaeological insights into textile motifs. Sessions will include regional topics such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, Southeast Asian and Oceanic art. "



Very Cool to see a link from someone who knows my brother Jim. Thanks, JBOC

A comprehensive look at Persian carpets and rugs

Enjoyed Barry O'Connell's two BlogSpots on Persian Rugs and The Persian Carpet, and his main site of various notes and guides to The Persian Carpet in its many forms. Fascinating pictures and links. A great find.

Thanks to American blogger Jim O'Connell in Tokyo (Barry's brother). "

Notes on the Shaykh Lutfallah Mosque

Notes on the Shaykh Lutfallah Mosque: "The Shaykh Lutfallah Mosque has no minarets as it was a private mosque used by the Safavid royal family members, presumably they did not need to be called to prayer. It is also known as the 'Lady's or Women's Mosque' as the ladies of the court could worship there in private. The tile work in this mosque is exquisite. In order to have the mihrab of the mosque facing Mecca and the Mosque still positioned as one of the 'anchors' of the square, there is an angled corridor into the mosque from the square. Although it has not been found, rumor has it that there was a private underground tunnel to the mosque from the A'li Qapu Palace for the royal family.