Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dr. Moin Was Never a Serious Candidate

Notes on Mostafa Moin MD.: "Dr. Moin Was Never a Serious Candidate
Dropped from the Presidential Ballot and then Reinstated.
In a masterful move the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei headed off a diabolical plot to destroy the Presidential elections. Mostafa Moin was not a serious candidate for the Presidency. The plan was to say anything necessary to build a following but also to say things to guarantee that he could never get past the Guardian Council. Dr. Moin toured the country saying things guaranteed to incite the Ayatollah Janati head of the Guardian Council. Once thrown off the ballot Moin and his allies, a coalition of Communists and anti--Islamic agitators, would then challenge the standing of the election and call for a Reformist boycott.

Why would Moin and MIRO and the IIPF want to destroy the elections. First of all they cannot win. If they could win Dr. Moin would not have been saying the provocative comments. Secondly since they could not win they desired to hurt the Islamic Republic of Iran. Moin and his allies do not support the theocracy and wish to see it end so that they can go on to a new system.

By adding Dr. Moin to the Ballot Ayatollah Ali Khamenei headed off the plot to destroy the elections and he put Dr. Moin in a very awkward position. With Moin on the Ballot it draws votes from Mehdie Karrubi the leading Reformist candidate. It is a fair bet that Rafsanjani will be the leading vote getter but he may not draw 50 % which means no win and the top two vote getters go on to a runoff election. With the Reformists divided it will be Rafsanjani #1 and Qalibaf #2. I do not think Karrubi can out poll Qalibaf even if the other two Reformists drop out but if Qalibaf makes a mistake Karrubi might have a chance. But he is boxed in. Moin will not admit that his candidacy was a farce although he would love to get off the ballot right now. The end result will be that Moin is shown to be a "paper tiger" and the Reformist movement is shown to be a powerless and irrelevant part of Iranian politics.

Dr. Moin works closely with Behzad Nabavi a one time Communist and one of the most radical Iranian Reformists. Mr. Nabavi is a close adviser to President Khatami. He was head of the state run oil company PetroPars until he was fired for looting hundreds of millions of dollars. He is a key leader in MIRO, a party with roots in the ultra-violent terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq/MEK. "And then there was an attempt to connect MIRO leader Behzad Nabavi with the 1981 bombing of the Islamic Republican Party headquarters by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization, as reported in the 1 September "Aftab-i Yazd" The Mujahedin-e Khalq/MEK has very close ties to Israeli Mossad and US Military Intelligence. It is not know if Behzad Nabavi shares those ties but by his actions it is an open question."